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DC Garage Door Services LLC is a local business that offers convenient service for local clients. Our technicians are available to assist anyone in Charlotte & Huntersville NC. You’ll receive excellent support for your garage door designs and installations from our dedicated business. Our garage door team will work hard to repair or install your equipment.

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At DC Garage Door Services LLC, we strive to make every client a happy customer. When you’re looking for a Garage Door Team, we’ll be ready to help you. Our business proudly works with the people of Charlotte , Huntersville, NC and the surrounding areas. When it comes to servicing garage door equipment, our crew is second to none. Call our office today to learn more about our options and set up an appointment.

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Most of us use our garage door as their front entrance. Due to the garage door being the largest moving equipment in your house, you should have your garage door and opener serviced every year. Same as you service your vehicle to prevent unnecessary issues and serious repairs ensuring a proper working door and motor unit. If the door or opener is making noises that are out of the ordinary, you should have it checked. We recommend a regular yearly service and tune up that can extend the life and safety of your door and opener. The longer you put off the necessary service, the more damage may result.

This should be done when the door is fully closed. Balance checks should be performed when the door is disconnected from the motor unit by pulling the red emergency cord and having the door in a manually operated position. Lift the door by hand and let go of it halfway. The door should stay in this position, slight drifting may occur. If the door drops or tries to open on its own the springs will need to be checked and adjusted properly by an experienced technician.

You can open the door from the inside by pulling the red release cord and lifting the door by hand. Opening the door from the outside requires installation of an emergency release lock.

No. You should never turn off or remove the safety sensors. Those are safety devices to prevent the heavy garage door from closing on objects, people or pets that cross the path of the door while closing.  Since 1993 all residential garage door openers require some form of safety device. Make sure the photo-eyes have not gone out of alignment. The safety eyes are the infrared sensors at the bottom of your garage door. When these sensors are not lined up properly facing each other, they will prevent the door from closing. Please check your safety eyes occasionally to ensure they are correctly aligned to keep your garage door safe and operating properly.

If the motor opener is 15- 20 years old, it could lack basic safety features – we recommend replacing the old opener unit with a newer model.

We recommend lubricating the garage door hinges, rollers, side bearing, springs, and tracks at least twice per year.  However, the chain on the opener comes pre-lubed and sealed. In fact, lubricating the chain can cause oil to drip on the exterior side of the door leaving it with stains.

Yes, maintenance services will help prevent costly repairs and extend the life of the door, springs, and motor unit. This should be done by skilled technicians yearly. We recommend a full tune up either in the springtime or in the fall.

Make sure to enroll in our maintenance program.

The lifespan of a garage door averages about 20 years. It depends on the quality of the door, installation and regular maintenance and tune ups.

Considering replacing the garage door involves a couple of factors.

  • Safety issues
  • Normal wear and tear that can’t be repaired.
  • Damaged door or parts.
  • Increase your energy bills.
  • Upgrading the look and style of the door etc.…

Please be advised, checking your garage door for unusual noises, rust spots, water damage, peeling or chipped paint, loose hardware, rollers, brackets, bolts  and cables, clearing  objects from the tracks, testing if the door is balanced properly will help prolong the life of your door and prevent unnecessary costly repairs.


Call DC Garage Door Services (704) 574-8844.

We are professionals and will schedule a maintenance and tune-up service ASAP.

We typically can have a technician at your property the same day. Any emergency services will be dispatched within a couple of hours.

  • Install new garage doors.
  • Repair and replace garage springs, motors, and doors.
  • Door maintenance, inspection, and tune ups.
  • Replacing weather trims and bottom rubber seals.
  • Replacing rollers, brackets, hinges, and tracks.
  • Installing and programing opener accessories.
  • Panels and cables replacement.
  • Repair doors out of tracks.
  • Customized repairs.
  • Installing high lift systems, utilizing the ceiling space.

We will attend to all your garage door and opener needs!